Art Colony I've never been to Fiji – 2003

Jenn and Matt – 2004

Juego – see for dates

Science leads us out of barbarous times - 2005

Supernals: Doctor Sunlight #122 - 2006

Whose house is it, any way? – 2003

WSO – 2005


Best Drawing I’ve ever Done – 2004

Wizard of Oz – 2003

The Idea – 2003

Magpie Cover – 2005

Every thing on this site is a work of fiction. Any similarities to people, places, events or the rotten state of the world; living, or dead, is purely coincidental.

Every thing on this site, including character likenesses, is the property of and copy right brook Newton, and may not be re-produced without permission. Any uncanny similarity to Art Spiegelman's work is a coincidence.
The Spanish Game (juego) is copyright brook Newton and James Schultz. The TNT Rabbit and Deviled Egg Inc are copyright James Schultz. Yes, Nelson Mandela is copyright brook Newton.

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