The Fauvist

           I turn the tap, and the water that comes out is colourless. I donít know what I can do about that. When the water is cold, I start filling the tub. I reach up to the cupboard, and pull down the bottle of food dye, purple. I pour about a half-cup into the tub and then replace the bottle.
           I open my cloth bags, full of groceries. The apples are Golden Delicious. Iíve had the best results with them. I put them in the tub. In go the bananas. The carrots. I pull out a red cabbage, smile, and put it into the fridge.
           Thereís still a carton of soy milk in the bag. I pick it off the floor, and put it on my kitchen table. I open the lid, and then go back for the food dye. Once Iíve poured enough in, I replace the lid and shake the carton vigourously. I go over to the drawer that has the sleeves: cloth sleeves shaped exactly to the specifications of the milk cartons. I take one out, and put it on the carton, entirely covering any of the cartonís original packaging.
           Iím tired. I open a cupboard, and pull out a translucent cup. I fill it 3/4s with grape juice, and go to sit down in my living room. I sigh. Itís safe to take them off, now. I take off my tinted sunglasses and rub my eyes.